All you need to know about Samsung’s latest flagship!

What occurred to the Galaxy S11? Well, Samsung missed a few numbers to develop it’s most recent Galaxy S20, which takes over the flagship mantle kind 2019’s Galaxy S10. While it might be a little bit complex dive, there’s excellent reason for it, as Samsung has actually packed a whole lot in: it’s a must upgrade if you’re keen to obtain your initial 5G phone and still save some money.

Here’s what you’re obtaining: a 6.2-inch screen with a quick 120Hz refresh rate, 5G download speeds, high-spec cameras on both sides of the phone, and also huge battery which will give huge benefit.

This is the phone to obtain if you intend to experiment with the brand-new tech that Samsung has to provide, but you don’t desire a large phone, or a large dent in your wallet. You might go for the Ultra if you want much more storage or a 108MP video camera, as well as can stretch to the price, however, for day-to-day use the S20 is going to be the best selection for many people.

Overall, Samsung S20 is a great high-spec and quality device which is more affordable than his competitors and less complicated than his sibling S20 Plus but also as well as giant Galaxy S20 Ultra.

By the way, all new Samsung Galaxy series phones stand out with their futuristic design. Each phone keeps a sweet spot of the display curve, which gives it an immersive viewing experience. Moreover, the screens are powered by dynamic AMOLED technology with dynamic tone mapping for a wide range of colors. Additionally, there is a reduction in blue light. This makes it easier to watch videos, read, or play even in the dark without straining the eyes.